To initial the process of download, install and activate Amazon prime video with activation code from official link:

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that allows you to watch movies, web series, TV episodes, and other content on demand. It also offers hundreds of thousands of pieces of content, ranging from the most recent comedy shows to documentaries and vintage classics. You may acquire both free and premium options to enjoy Amazon Prime Video from the comfort of your own home.

Amazon Prime is available as both a paid and free membership. Amazon Prime Video is jam-packed with entertainment, including high-definition and surround-sound movies. Amazon Prime is a world-renowned video streaming service. You can watch Amazon MyTV on your smart TV and other devices.

Where to find enter code for TV?

Follow the instructions below to look for an enter code for your TV.

  1. Double tap to Open the Amazon Prime video on your TV.
  2. Sign in with the Prime video record you just created.
  3. On your smart TV screen, there will be a 6-letter code.
  4. In the entertainment window on your PC, enter the code that displayed on the TV screen.
  5. Your Amazon Prime TV account has been linked to your Prime video.

Easy way to Activate Prime Video Via

  1. In the browser of your device, type
  2. You’ll notice the sign in or create an account on Amazon Prime Tab as soon as you get there.
  3. If you already have an account created from site, So you must sign in or establish one if you are a new user.
  4. After you login in to the Amazon Prime app, you’ll see a box asking for your 6-digit code from step one.
  5. Continue after entering the six-digit Amazon mytv activation code.
  6. Then, on your TV, you’ll see a successful registration and click the OK button.

Easy Way to Set Up Prime Video Subscription

To set up a prime video subscription, follow the easy steps given below:

  1. Open web-browser and visit registration link on your system.
  2. Then you’ll be redirect to a screen where you can either activate Amazon Prime or create an account.
  3. Tap on “Create an Account” option.
  4. After that, it will be asked for your signup credentials.
  5. You must enter all of your personal details including your name, email address, and password.
  6. Your user account has now been created.
  7. After that, you’ll be taken to a website where you’ll be asked to enter a 6-digit activation key.
  8. The six-digit activation code has been written down. This is where you should amazon mytv and enter the code.
  9. After entering the activation code, you will see TV screen to see if your subscription has been successfully activated.
  10. To set up a prime video subscription, hit on continue button.
  11. Then, watch and enjoy prime video subscription.